Appsessment Features

An abundance of features to make documentation beautiful, professional and simple to use.

Simple. Effortless. Proficient.

Using Appsessment doesn't limit educators to one form of documentation, it enables educators to record children's learning in a variety of different ways, through customised templates and a variety of features.

Appsessment simplifies the process of collecting documentation and replaces the day to day paperwork by documenting children digitally. Our features also involve a proficient way to create high-quality documentation for each individual child which can also be shared with parents at the centre.

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Image Handling

No more cropping, resizing and rotating photos by hand. Appsessment generates perfectly optimised versions of your images so they look great on your documentation and timeline regardless of what device or screen your audience are using.

Creative Control

Customise your documentation templates anyway you like. Decide which framework to use, choose your fields, change the headings and create a template that best fits your style of work.

Timeline Updates

Adding children documentation to the timeline couldn’t be any easier. Our App includes flexible layouts that present your content in the most outstanding way to parents and educators.

Activity Timeline

View recent activity updates, planning and assessments of children at the centre.

daycare app timeline


Organise and share activities among members of the group


Parents can view live updates related to their child

Stream Filters

Quickly filter timeline streams based on the month and year

Detailed View

Easily view the documentation details without leaving the page

Manage Stream

Educators can easily manage the stream from the timeline itself

Share Your Comments

Engage with one another by posting comments or likes to Timeline streams. Easy engagement with Parents.

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Share priceless and lasting memories of Children at your centre. Beautifully crafted for Parents and Educators.

documentation app photos

Photo Uploads

Upload photos on the fly when creating documentation from your favourite devices

Photo Gallery

Lets you swiftly browse through photos in photo gallery

Parents Access

Parents can see photos of their children with details and date of that activity


Beautiful Design

Create beautiful documentation with absolute ease. Imagine creating documentation that are extremely engaging with simplicity in mind.


You can easily create documentation with no restrictions on template fields. You can have any headings you want and you don't need to follow a fixed format or template.

Childcare Documentation App


Adding photos can't get any easier. You just select the photos from your device or take live photos with the camera and the App will automatically resize it for you and adjusts the photos in the Documentations. The photo upload is so seamless that you will fall in love with it.

EYLF App Documentation App Photos

Children Involved

You can select multiple children to the documentation and easily filter them using their names or rooms.

FDC App Documentation Children App


You can link documentation with any framework of your choice. You can choose any from EYLF, MTOP, QKLG, VEYLD, NQS, Numeracy and Literacy Indicators.

LDC App Documentation App Linking Framework Australia

Custom Templates
your imagination is the only limit

Create custom templates or use default ones. All templates are highly customisable with no restrictions.

Documentation App Custom Templates

Custom Fields

Customise the behaviour of template form fields. Over 20 custom fields available.

Template Icon

Choose your special icon for the template to easily identify it and make it stand apart.

Flexible Layout

Customise the structure and workflow by simply moving the fields.

Mobile Layout

All templates automatically adapts to both mobile devices and big screens. You don't need to do a thing.


Appsessment automatically maintains all Child records for you and even notifies their parents on new updates.


Parent have their own login access to view their child's live updates and can share their comments & likes.

Educator Profile

Work together as a Team and Educators can showcase their activities right from their profile page.

Educator App Childcare


View all your statistics and the activities from the Admin panel dashboard.

Childcare Web App Dashboard

Parent Reminders

Send Parent Reminders on important info happening at the centre.

Parent Input Forms

Create Parent Input Forms to get parents ideas and feedback.

Mobile Apps

Available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Upload Files

Upload files to documentation forms and share with parents.

Photo Gallery

Parents can view their child's photos in their gallery.


Educators have a profile which shows all their activity.


Set permissions based on the educator's role.

Export to PDF

Download documentation in PDF format for record keeping.


Save work to continue later.

Lock Screen

Keep documentation private while away from the computer.


EYLF, MTOP, QKLG, VEYLD, NQS, Numeracy and Literacy Indicators.

Multiple Educators

Suits 1 educator in FDC or multiple educators in large centres.


Unlimited parents, with access to their own profile to view their child's updates.


Create unlimited children with no extra charges.


Comprehensive tutorials to guide you each step of the way.


24-hour email support 7 days a week.

Appsessment is compatible with mobile devices too....
Access your app through different platforms!

All the goodness an educator app should have!

Child Observation App

World Class Support

Appsessment is developed, handled and supported by the same creators of the Aussie Childcare Network website. You can be sure you are in good hands.


Assessing and documenting children using Appsessment gives you unlimited flexibility and freedom. You can create anything you want and document exactly the way you want it!


You have some of the most advanced features built-in with this App to make your work easier. Learn to document in a whole different way and choose what you wish to share with Parents.


Appsessment is developed to do the impossible, which is to meet the needs of all educators. From a simple 1 Educator FDC setup to Multi-Centre businesses with several educators.