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Create Documentation using any Templates, create Daily Records of Children to inform Parents of their Child's Sleeping, Eating, Toileting, Nappy Changing habits while in care, upload Photos, attach Files, Interlink Documentation, request Parent Input Forms, send Parent Reminders, submit Educator Forms, Newsletters, Incident Reports, Link to Australian Framework Outcomes, generate Reports, add Comments, Likes, receive Digital Signatures, send Private Messages and do so much more.

Activity Timeline

Highlights every activity updates, photo updates and file uploads, planning and assessments of children at the centre, likes, comments and many more.

Beautiful Documentation

Appsessment doesn't limit you to one form of documentation and will make your documentation shine with beautiful and professional presentation.


Appsessment comes bundled with many default templates such as Learning Story, Behaviour Management Plans, Child Reports, Photo Observations, Weekly Curriculum Plan, Work Samples, Parent Inputs, Parent Reminders, Monthly Newsletters and more.

Custom Templates

Create your own custom templates since you are not limited to one form of documentation. Personalize individual fields to suit your style of work with the freedom to create drop down fields, checkbox, date, time or select from over 20 fields available.


Generate 10 different types of Reports to analyse various aspects of child's achievements, outcomes summary, documentation summary, experiences planned, child overview, parents summary, daily records, attendance and more!


Create Daily Information Widgets to record child's Attendance, Bottle Feeding, Eating, Sleep and Rest Time, Nappy Change, Toileting, Sunscreen and Water while in care. Parents are instantly notified about their child's daily routine.

Parent Inputs

Send Parent Input Forms to parents directly from your Centre's App that parents can fill and submit from their account, which then can be used for documentation purposes to make informed decisions for curriculum planning.

Parent Reminders

Send Parent Reminders by selecting the Parents you wish to send the reminders to. Parent Reminders are sent to the parents to remind them about upcoming events, notices, making announcements, important information, special days, things going on at the centre etc.

Educator Inputs

Directly send Educators an input form that they fill in from their account and send back to you once completed. A great way to keep track of whose sharing their suggestions, fill in educator forms such as risk assessment forms, daily checklists, etc.

Educator Reminders

Send Educator reminders directly to Educators from your app to remind them of upcoming staff meetings, special events that may take place, centre announcements and more.

Child Updates

Create various child updates such as learning stories, reflections, art work sample, developmental milestones and even documentation that the educators don't want to share with parents.

Create a Post

Parents and Educators can quickly create a post and share updates directly from their Home page. Parents can even select any pre-designed Parent Input forms, share photos and submit it to educators from their account itself.


Share every priceless and lasting memories of Children at your centre with snapshots of experiences, events and to share teachable moments with families.


You can upload Documents and Policies, Newsletter files, Forms to sign, Illness Forms, Medication Forms, Calendar of Events, Community Information, Events that are happening at the centre and more and share it with parents.


Powerful interface to easily manage your Service App. View all statistics, activities, manage documents, children, parent, educators and take full control of your Centre's App.


Manage Children in your Service App and Appsessment automatically maintains all Child profiles and links them to their documentation, activities and even notifies their parents on new updates.


Invite unlimited Parents to your App and each parent will have their own login access to view their child's live updates, photo gallery, and can share their comments & likes directly from their account.


Add multiple educators to your App and work together as a Team. Each Educator will have their own login access and Appsessment will showcase their activities in from their profile page.

Private Messages

Send private messages to Educators and Parents in your Service App and have private conversations with your contacts to keep information confidential.

Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures enables both Educators and Parents to sign important documents such as media release forms, excursions forms, forms as per regulations requirements such as administering medication, injury/illness forms and more.

Export to PDF

Educators and Parents can export documentation to PDF for printing and record keeping purposes. Appsessment will create a beautiful print friendly version in PDF format that you can download.

Likes & Comments

Educators and Parents can engage with one another by posting comments or likes to updates which also increases the interactions between your service and families.

App Notifications

Receive notifications in your App, email and push notifications on your mobiles and stay upto date on all activities that are happening in your App such as new comments posted, likes, edits, parent inputs submitted and so on.

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Other Features In Appsessment

Photo Gallery

Parents can view their child's photos in their photo gallery.


Educators have a profile which shows all their activity.


Set permissions based on the educator's role.


Save work to continue later.


Receive app notifications, push notifications or emails.

Private Messages

Send private messages to Educators and Parents.

Lock Screen

Keep documentation private while away from the computer.


EYLF, MTOP, QKLG, VEYLD, NQS, Numeracy and Literacy Indicators, Theorists, Developmental Milestones.


Create your own room names or use the default names.

Category Tags

Tag documentation to interlink them and group them by categories.

Digital Signatures

Sign important forms and documents digitally.

World Class Support

Appsessment is created, developed and supported by the same creators of Aussie Childcare Network. You can be sure you are in good hands. Click here to read more about us.