Appsessment Version 2.0 - Coming Soon!

Appsessment Child care App Mobile App

Do you know Appsessment is soon going to get some awesome updates? That's right. We have been working on Appsessment Version 2.0 since December last year and this update is going to be bigger and better than ever! We are very excited to release this as we have a lot of changes coming up for this new version.

In the past year during the 1.x updates, we primarily focused on adding new features to our App as per our user requests. In version 2, apart from adding more new features, we did a total makeover and revamp of Appsessment! We have put in a lot of work in it, reviewed each and every line of codes giving attention to details and have made big improvements to the overall design and style of our App with a touch of elegance and sophistication. We have also improved our Mobile App designs and its usability which you will love. If you already love Appsessment, you will be amazed at version 2.0 updates. These changes will make Appsessment even more enjoyable for both Educators as well as Parents.

At the moment Appsessment Version 2.0 is currently in the Beta testing stage and we are hoping to release it in the coming month.

Check out the preview of our new Timeline page in the image above. Follow us in our Appsessment Facebook page to receive more updates and sneak peeks on this. Stay tuned for further updates. We will notify you once we release Appsessment Version 2.0 - get ready to be surprised!!