Half Price For 3 Months - Use Appsessment To Keep Families Informed

Childcare App Half Price

With social distancing and services minimising interactions between educators and families during pick up and drop offs, this is a great opportunity to use Appsessment Childcare App to keep families up to date and informed of the happenings at the centre.

We encourage you to use Appsessment to keep the lines of communication open between your service and Parents. Using the Parent Reminder Template, for example, can keep Parents informed of any important information that you need to relay during this time.

For centres that are closed or may close in the future, you can still continue to use Appsessment and interact with children to continue their learning. For example, attach videos and photos for parents to share with their child. Parents can also share videos and photos back to the educator in order to see the child's progression.

For Educators, you can continue to collaborate and work together to develop and complete documentation which you can share with each other or catch up on pending drafts. Appsessment is available to use at home, so there is continuity of learning.

Most importantly we want you all to stay safe during this difficult time. Everything is uncertain and as an Early Childhood Educator, you are essential to the families and children. Be positive, stand strong and you will pull through!

Get started with Appsessment and start communicating and documenting digitally. Considering the global pandemic that is affecting us all, we are offering our new users a coupon code that will give you a 50% discount for 3 months in Appsessment. So instead of paying 75¢ per child, you will only be paying 37.5¢ per child for the first 3 months!

To get the half price discount, use the coupon code below while creating your Centre's App in Appsessment.


Use the coupon code below while creating your Centre's App in Appsessment


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