Appsessment Getting Started Video Demo

How to Getting Started Video Demo

We have created a quick 2 minute getting started video to show you how to get started and publish documentation on Appsessment after you create your Centre's App. In this video, we will show a quick demo on:

  1. Creating a Child Record after going to your Centre's Admin Panel Dashboard.
  2. Choosing a Template to create your Documentation.
  3. Filling in the Form, adding Photos, linking Children and choosing Framework.
  4. Preview the Documentation before Save and Publish.
  5. View the Published Documentation from Timeline.

We hope this quick demo video will help you get started in setting up your Centre's App and making the best use of Appsessment.

Remember, we also provide a full comprehensive Tutorial to help you understand the Appsessment features and you can access these tutorials after logging into your account.

Check out the video.