Appsessment 1.12.1 - Minor Update

PDF iPhone Update for Appsessment

We have updated Appsessment with fixes to some minor issues in some browsers, iPhones and PDF Exports. If you are using Appsessment from your browser, please refresh the page in your browser to download the updates. Users using our Mobile Apps will automatically download the update when you launch your App the next time. The fixes added in this version are:

  • Emojis in PDF: When you print documentation that has smilies / emojis / emoticons in their form field or comments, these symbols does not print properly when exported to PDF. We have addressed this issue so these symbols like emojis are stripped off in pdf exports.
  • Dropdown and Checkbox Fields: Fixed the error that was happening in some browsers when dropdown and checkbox fields were added with empty options to the template.
  • Educator Avatar: Fixed the scroll issues in iPhones when custom educator avatar is added while editing an educator profile.
  • Other minor adjustments for mobiles.

These are just minor updates and this should not break your App usage. Thank you for using Appsessment.