Appsessment 1.6 - New Subscription Plans and Features

Appsessment Monthly Subscription Plans

We are happy to release Appsessment version 1.6. This is a big release for us since we have taken all your requests on board and have implemented many new features in our App. One of the most exciting updates everyone would love to hear is, we have now introduced an extremely competitive pricing for Appsessment. We have introduced 3 new Monthly Subscription Plans that will give you maximum savings when using our App and will also make Appsessment the most affordable app ever in the market for most centres!! The 3 new monthly plans we have released are:

  1. Flexible Plan - only $10 per educator and maximum of 20 children per educator.
  2. Fixed Plan - only $60 per App and you can have unlimited Educators and unlimited Children.
  3. Unlimited Plan - only $110 and you can create unlimited Apps, unlimited Educators and unlimited Children.

As you can see, each of the above plans is extremely affordable and the best part is even existing users can change to our new plans from their Billing page. We value and cherish the importance of our existing users who support us and therefore we added the feature so all users can take advantage of our new plans.

Please note: The above pricing is for a limited time only so please do take advantage of these plans while its on offer. Once you start on the plan, you will continue to get that price during your subscription lifetime.

If you are currently paying $1 per child with other apps, then you can save even more than 50%-80% with the above plans. In Appsessment, we will not compromise on our quality and we always listen to our users. So be rest assured that you will get the maximum value for the money when using Appsessment.

Apart from the above pricing, here is the list of all features that have been released in this version:

  • Search Documentation based on Type: In the Documentation Advanced Search, we have added additional search filters so you can now easily locate the Documentation based on its Type, such as Parent Input Form, Parent Reminders, etc.
  • Search Documentation based on Room: You can quickly locate all the documentation created based on Rooms.
  • Additional Information in Child Profile: You can now add additional information in Child Profile such as address, medical history and emergency contacts so you can have access to all information in one place.
  • Sort Children List: You can now sort Children based on Alphabetical order of their First Name / Last Name, Age, Room and Creation Date.
  • Sort Parents List: You can sort Parents based on Name, Email and Creation Date.
  • Documentation in Unpublished State as Default: When you create documentation from now on, the default state is now set to "Unpublished" state. This will help you in various scenarios such as (i) you can save your documentation while working on it and only publish it when you are ready to notify the parents (ii) create documentation, review it and then publish it when ready. This feature will prevent notifying parents by mistake while you are still working on it hence it made sense for us to have the default documentation state as "Unpublished" until you manually publish it.
  • Easy Subscription Cancellation: We have made the process of subscription cancellation a lot easier so you can quickly cancel your subscription from your Billing page anytime without needing an email confirmation code.
  • New Subscription Plans: As mentioned above, 3 new subscription plans are released so you can choose the plan that best fits your centre. Our Fixed and Unlimited plans will help all small, medium, large centres and multi-centres so you know exactly how much you will be paying every month without needing a calculator.
  • Change Subscription: All users, both existing and new users, can now change their Subscription plans anytime from the Billing page. You can upgrade or downgrade anytime and all our plans are charged pro-rated on a no-contract basis.
  • Tutorials Updated: We have updated our Tutorial chapters and have included a tutorial on how to create Parent Input Forms, send Parent Reminders, etc.

Further to the above list, we have added some fixes and enhancements. As you can see, we have implemented a lot of new features in this release and we will continue to roll out more and more amazing features soon. If you are using our Mobile App, we will be publishing an update on that soon. Remember to update your Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Thank you for reading this update. If you haven't tried Appsessment yet, trial it out today. All our plans have 14 days money back guarantee.