Appsessment 1.7 - Upload Documents and Files

Appsessment Document and File Uploads

You can now upload documents and files from your App and share it with parents and educators. This is one of the most requested features and we are happy to include this in our App. When you create any Documentation, Parent Input Forms or Parent Reminders, you can now upload Files to it and it can be in any of the following file formats:

  • PDF Files (pdf)
  • MS Word Files (doc or docx)
  • Excel Files (xls or xlsx)
  • Powerpoint Files (ppt or pptx)
  • Pages Files (pages)
  • Numbers Files (numbers)
  • Rich Text Files (rtf)
  • Text Files (txt)

With this new feature, you now have the ability to attach Documents and Policies, Newsletter files, Forms to sign, Aussie Childcare Network Templates, Illness Forms, Medication Forms, Calendar of Events, Community Information, Events that are happening at the centre and more. Parents can download the attached files directly from their Parent Portal and open it from their device.

The upload feature even gives you the ability to upload Policies and Procedures from your Centre's App which can come in very handy when dealing with parent concerns and issues. Once you create a Parent Form, you can upload the specific policy in your App so the parents get to view it on their device rather than waiting to come to the centre. Also, this comes in handy if an incident happens at the centre, once the educator fills out the incident form, it can be uploaded and sent directly to the parent so they have a detailed understanding of the incident that occurred before arriving at the centre. This can also be used with illness forms and medication forms etc. If you are using our templates in Aussie Childcare Network, you can easily upload it such as the Curriculum Plan and send it to parents so they understand the experiences the children will be involved in throughout the week. There are so many different ways that the document and file upload feature can be used on Appsessment that it will benefit both educators and parents.

We hope you find this new feature in Appsessment useful for your centre. If you are yet to try Appsessment, get started today with 14 days money back guarantee. Our plans starts from just $10 per month!