Appsessment 2.4 - Search and Filters

Child Care Software App

Appsessment is now updated to version 2.4 today and this release has improvements to the Search and Filters. Here is the list of changes included in this version:

1. Templates Search and Order By options:

You can now search the Templates using the search box or sort the listing based on the creation date, name or the template types. This feature will now make it easy for you to easily locate both custom templates as well as default templates in your Service App.

2. Documentation Advanced Search Improvements:

We have improved the Documentation Advanced Search feature which includes the ability to search for Documentation based on the Educators, Creation Date, Publish Date, Last Edit Date or search for documentation based on specific Outcomes or Framework.

3. Generate Reports based on Educators:

The Reports feature now includes the Educators filter that allows you to generate reports on a particular educator.

4. Fix to Search Filters in Children, Parents and Educators Pages:

The search filters in these pages are updated so the search feature shows results that are not yet loaded on the page.

5. Other Fixes:

This release also includes other minor maintenance updates, reset button in documentation advanced search page, enhancements to framework filters in reports and other small additions.

We understand search and filters are useful to easily locate the documentation and we hope you find these new changes useful.

If you are not using Appsessment at the moment, click here to get started. Appsessment is created by Aussie Childcare Network for Family Daycare, Long Daycare and OOSH Before and After School Care Services.