Appsessment 2.7 - Widgets

Childcare App Daily Routine App

The Most Requested Feature Is Finally Here! You can now create Daily Information Widgets in Appsessment which enable Educators to mark Attendance and create daily records of children to inform Parents of their child's Eating, Bottle Feeding, Sleep and Rest Time, Nappy Changing and Toileting while in care. With this new feature, Appsessment is now more than just a Documentation App. When creating a Widget update, the Parents are instantly notified of their child's record and the updates are displayed in their Timeline page which ensures they are kept up to date with their child's daily routine.

Appsessment has implemented the Daily Information Widgets in a very unique way that is extremely efficient and also helps both Educators and Parents to keep track of each individual child's routine. It makes the entire process more simplified and you can easily create child records in your App.

We didn't stop it at that. We took it a step further and made these widgets to be easily customisable as well. This means, you can edit the default widget forms and use whatever fields and headings you would like to have in them. In Appsessment we believe an App should give you the ultimate flexibility to customise things so you can document exactly the way you want it. We have used the same approach for this widgets feature as well so you can use the default form or create custom widget forms to record your daily information of children in your centre.

Initially, we did not have plans to have a separate feature to record daily routine in Appsessment. But it quickly became the most requested feature from both educators and parents. That made us very excited to include this in our roadmap and our development teams worked hard on it for the past 4 months and have come up with a way which we feel is the best way to record these information through an App. We feel this new feature fits really well in Appsessment and also compliments very well with all our existing features along with the unique way of implementation that Appsessment is known for. We really feel you will absolutely enjoy this new great addition to Appsessment.

Here is the list of changes included in this release:

  • Widgets: You can now record Attendance, Bottle Feeding, Eating, Sleep and Rest Time, Nappy Change and Toileting by going to your App's Admin Panel -> Widgets page.
  • Custom Roles: If you have created custom roles in your service app, these roles are enabled with View Widgets, Create Widgets and Edit Widgets permissions. If you wish to enable Delete Widgets permissions or change any of the other widget permissions for your custom roles, remember to make these changes by going to your App's Admin Panel -> Settings -> Educator Roles.
  • Tutorials updated with a new chapter with steps on how to use Widgets.
  • [FIX] Scroll to Top issue when selecting Time Field in iPhone App.
  • [FIX] Photo upload issue in iPad's native upload method setting.

The Appsessment Mobile App for Android and iOS are also updated with these new features and you can download these latest updates from Play Store and App Store.

If you are not using Appsessment yet, you really should give it a try today. With Appsessment, you can have all in one place. You can document children, create custom templates, send parent reminders, request parent inputs, generate reports, record child daily routine, upload photos, videos, files and do so much more. With so many features in Appsessment along with our unique implementation of these features, you should be using Appsessment for your Early Childhood Service. Our plan starts from just $10 a month, so just try Appsessment and see it for yourself. You will be introduced to a new streamlined approach in managing your documentation at your centre and once you get used to it, you will absolutely love it. Click here to get started with 14 days money back guarantee period.