Appsessment 2.8 - Record Water and Sunscreen Application and many new improvements

Daily Information Childcare App

We have released another update to Appsessment and this version has a lot of new improvements. Since our release of Daily Information Widgets in our last version, we have received a lot of great feedback from our users and we are very happy to see many of our users loving our new widgets feature. We listened to your feedback and we have now released another update with more improvements based on your requests.

The following features are now available as part of version 2.8 update:

1. Create Sunscreen Application and Water Records:

The Daily Information Widgets in Appsessment are now updated with 2 new widgets to record Water and Sunscreen Application. This means you can now record 8 daily widgets for children such as: Attendance, Bottle Feeding, Eating, Sleep & Rest Time, Nappy Change, Toileting, Sunscreen and Water.

2. Widget Notifications Settings:

Some of the parents did not want to receive notifications on each widget updates and therefore we have added a new Widget Notifications Setting in your App's Admin Panel -> Settings -> App Settings page. Here you can enable or disable widget notifications in your App. This combined with Parents Email Notifications Setting will help you control the notifications sent to parents from your App.

3. Mark Attendance in Bulk:

You can now sign-in multiple children at once in Attendance widget based on room, days of attendance, names, etc, similar to the other widgets.

4. Attendance Total Counts and Room Counts:

The Admin Panel's Dashboard page now shows the number of children signed in as attending for the day in each room and the total number of children signed in across the service.

5. See who has viewed the Documentation:

You can now see which parents have viewed the documentation that you create from your App. Sometimes parents might not like or comment but might read or look at it. Now you can see who are viewing the updates and the number of people who has viewed it from the Timeline page and in the Documentation Details page.

6. Preview Documentation without leaving the page:

Sometimes you may wish to quickly view the documentation without going back and forth from the current page. It is now possible to preview the details when locating documentation in the following pages:

  • Documentation List Page.
  • Documentation Advanced Search Page.
  • Child Profile Page.
  • Parent Profile Page.
  • Educator Profile Page.

7. Setting to disable Category Tags:

You can now enable or disable the default or custom category tags in your App. This means, if you do not want the default tags listed when choosing the category tags in documentation form page, you can disable them by going to your App's Admin Panel -> Settings -> Category Tags page.

Other noticeable changes:

  • Since 2 new widgets are included in this version, we had to change the widget icon used for Toileting. This change is now added to your Service App.
  • A new permission to edit tag settings is now added. This setting is enabled for users with owner and administrator permissions. If you have custom roles created in your App and wish to enable this permission, then you can edit the custom roles in your App's Admin Panel -> Settings -> Educator Roles page.
  • We have now included the Documentation Views count and the list of people who have viewed the documentation updates. Since this is a new feature added only from version 2.8.0, all documentation that were created before this will not show the views count since these statistics were not recorded earlier. However, moving forward educators will be able to see who are reading the updates.

We hope you like the new improvements. All of these new features are community driven based on your suggestions and we are happy to include them to Appsessment. We will also be releasing reports feature for widgets so you can generate the widget reports for children based on dates and export to pdf. This feature will be released soon. Remember to follow us in our Facebook page to stay upto date on upcoming features and ETA on the next releases.

Thank you all for your ongoing support in shaping Appsessment into an amazing App.